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Sagemore Financial Helps People With Debt

Sagemore Financial Helps People With Debt

It has never been easier to go into debt than it is in the United States today. Whether you are looking to go to college, buy a home/card, or even just pay for your monthly bills with a credit car the financial system makes it incredibly easy to get access to debt. Sometimes this can be a good thing since debt allows you to live beyond your means and get access to things that you would not normally be able to afford. However, when this debt starts costing Americans an arm and a leg to repay is when it starts to do more damage than good. When you look at the statistics, consumer debt in the United States is reaching record highs in almost every single category. Chances are that, if you are reading this, then you probably have some debt of your own that you are stressed about repaying.

At Sagemore Financial, we personally hate debt.

We feel that debt holds people back in life and prohibits them from living the life that they deserve. For example, it is incredibly common for college students to graduate with five figures worth of debt.

At Sagemore Financial, we personally hate debt.

This puts them at a financial disadvantage before their adult life has really even begun. It is like trying to win a marathon while being forced to wear a weighted vest while other runners only have their own body weight. Just like it is almost impossible to compete in this type of unfair race, it is almost impossible to compete in life when so much of your income gets sucked up by repaying debt.

We have made it our mission to help you shed that weighted vest and get you into the best shape of your life (a financial shape that is!)

If you want to become debt-free once and for all then let us share our method for how we have helped thousands of clients do just that.

The Sagemore Financial Proven Debt-Relief System

The Sagemore Financial debt-relief system has successfully helped thousands of clients pay down their debt more quickly and get debt-free years before they were expecting to. Keep in mind that our system is not a magic pill that you can take to instantly erase your debt burden. Instead, it is more like an efficient diet and exercise plan where, if you consistently follow it, you can almost definitely expect to reach the results that you are looking for.

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First, we want to take a look at how your debt is most likely structured. When you borrow money from your bank or a similar type of lender you will be required to repay that money over a specified period of time. However, you will also be required to pay interest on that debt in addition to what you borrowed. This interest is essentially just profit for your lender. This means that by the time you are finished paying off your debt, you will have repaid the entire principal that you borrowed as well as potentially thousands of dollars in interest. The total amount that you will have to pay in interest depends on how long it takes you to repay the debt as well as the interest rate that you are charged.

The interest rate that you are charged depends on how lenders view your "creditworthiness" as a borrower. Unfortunately, with the way that the system works, the lower your credit score the more that you will have to pay in interest. This means that if you do not have the best credit then will be forced to pay thousands more in interest just so you can go to college or buy a house. Does that seem fair? No, it does not.

However, just because you took out a loan at one point does not mean that you are forced to keep that loan until it is fully repaid.

On that note, the Sagemore Financial debt-relief system works like this:


Take out a personal loan

A personal loan is a type of loan that can be used for any type of personal reason. They can be used for things like financing a new addition to your house, covering an emergency expense, helping to pay for a surprise medical expense, or anything similar. This type of loan can also be used to restructure your debt.

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Use it to pay down your existing debt

You will be using your loan to repay all of your existing debt. This means that you will take out one big loan through Sagemore Financial and use that to immediately pay down all of your student, auto, home, or credit card debt in full. This will satisfy your obligation to these lenders so that they can finally leave you alone.

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Save money on interest payments

By doing this, you will be replacing all of your high-interest debt with debt that carries a much lower interest rate.

Our system works by helping you save money in interest. Simply put, you take out a loan that carries a much lower rate of interest (say around 5%) compared to what you owe. You use this new loan to pay off your existing debt in full (which in some cases can carry interest rates as high as 20%). Now, you can expect to save thousands of dollars over the course of the next few years, get out of debt more quickly, and start living the life that you deserve.

We cannot simply erase your debt for you (nobody can) but what we CAN do is make it much easier for you to repay what you already own. Remember the marathon example earlier? We are helping you take off your weight vest and finish the race by only carrying your body weight.

Why Sagemore Financial?

Sagemore Financial is one of the trusted leaders when it comes to helping people shake off their debt and return to their normal life. Here are a few reasons why clients choose to work with us:

industry leading

Industry-leading results

We have a history of securing the absolute lowest rates for our clients to maximize their savings.



We will be there every step of the way to help answer questions and will never make a decision on your behalf.

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Not only do we get the lower rates for our clients but we also put that money in their account within a few days (compared to a few weeks).

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Feedback from Our Customers

"My buddy told me about Sagemore Financial and I was a little skeptical that it was as easy as he said. I held off on calling but after watching him make major headway in paying down his debt this past year I decided to call and I'm soo glad I did! Within hours of calling, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt confident about my financial situation for the first time in years."

Derrick Little
Derrick Little
Houston, Texas

"If your financial situation needs a boost then you need to call Sagemore Financial. They were so easy to approach and didn't even mind answering all of my dumb questions (of which I had a lot). I would definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with debt."

Andrea Parker
Andrea Parker
St. Petersburg, Florida

"I've never been particularly "Money-savvy" and I feel like this has set me so far back in life compared to where I want to be. I loved working with Sagemore Financial because they helped me figure out an actionable plan to help get to where I want to be!"

Amy Dunn
Amy Dunn
Mesa, Arizona

Getting started with Sagemore Financial

It is a super easy process to get started with Sagemore Financial. If you want to get debt-free as soon as possible then just follow these three simple steps.

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Call the number on this site

Calling one of our reps will give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and get a good idea of what your financial situation looks like. Everyone's financial situation is a little bit different but there is definitely a lot of overlap. Chances are that we have helped another client who was in a very similar position to yours.

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Apply for a Sagemore Financial personal loan

Assuming that a personal loan is the best option for you, we will be able to put you on the fast track to getting approved for a loan. This means money in your account within a few days and smaller monthly debt payments moving forward.

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Get back to your life

We always say that the call you make to Sagemore Financial is a call that you should only have to make once. That is because once we have done our job, you will be able to get back to enjoying your life debt-free.


Call Sagemore Financial today!

If you want to put yourself on a path to getting debt-free then you need to call Sagemore Financial today. We help new clients change the trajectory of their life every day by helping them get out of debt quickly and more efficiently. If you want to return to the feeling of living your life debt-free, give us a call today!

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